Tuesday, July 28, 2009

it's a flow thing....

i seriously seriously seriously seriously
wonder how men and women have EVER made it
thru as couples.

i'm not wanting to break up with my guy.
and no, we're not even having a 'problem'
between us....

we just handle EVERYTHING so differently
and i wonder how on earth this male/female
stuff has ever really worked.

i spose if you combined the two energies,
the two ways of thinking and feeling, the
two ways of dealing with things you can
come up with quite a combination.

as a matter of fact, in the middle of
some really hard stuff recently, he and i
joined together and combined our different
energies so well that i looked over at him
and told him we made one heck of a team.

so, okay....if we can combine the energies...
it's a really good thing.

and we've been learning how to do that more
and more.

so maybe that's it.

i gotta remember to combine them.
not have them bump up against each other.

sounds kinda silly, but i think it's actually
kinda important.

it's a flow thing.

isn't everything a flow thing???

alright, i got the concept.
now to go figure the logistics and apply it.....

we shall see.......

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