Tuesday, July 28, 2009

something in the sky today....

i noticed it right off this morning.
i bumped into my elderly neighbor as i started
my walk. i smiled, stopped to say hello.

she was really really outta sorts.

the kinda outta sorts i just knew i couldn't
do much with. i tried. but she was plenty
upset about the whole world.

i gave her a hug and went on my way.

rounded the corner when my guy called my cell.

i sat down on a drain to say hello.

and it just wasn't too good a conversation.

i hung up the phone and sat there for a second.

as i got up to continue on with the walk i shook my
head. what is up with everyone, i wondered.

i just got a call from a friend.
it was one heck of a tough call.
way tough.

i hung up the phone and walked thru the other
zakk was at his puter.
i just walked thru and said 'there's something
in the sky today zakk.'

(meaning something in the air, but i tend to
mess up phrases a lot!!!)

so i go thru just say that and keep goin'.

we meet up a few minutes later in the kitchen.
he sits at the table to keep me company as i
start puttin' some food together.

i start to tell him all my stories. and tell him
there's gotta be something in the air.

the light goes on in his face.

ohhhhhhhh is that what you meant!

he laughs.
'i actually went to the window to look at the sky.'

i doubled over laughing.

i love him so much.

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