Wednesday, July 29, 2009

my palace

a neighbor called yesterday....
wanted to know if the guys wanted a tread mill.

they looked at me with those big eyes....

and now we have a tread mill.

in zakk's room.

and i think it's gonna be sooooo fun!

i want to use it when i'm stressed or down
during the day. just go hop on it and
walk myself outta whatever's bothering me.

i think it might be a really cool inner child
tool! and yeah, i'm laughing as i type that.
but i really do!

what i loved most about getting it was the
attitudes here.

i looked at them when they asked. grinned.
and said 'you know we've got absolutely no
room for it, but of course you can have it.'

zakk volunteered his room.

i walked up to my room, declared i had plenty
of room in mine and it could go in there.

and yo said he could make room in his.

when we moved into this house it looked soooo
big. we came from a tiny tiny town house. so
this was a palace.

over the years, tryin' to fit their hobbies in
has been a challenge.

i had a drum set in my bedroom for years.

there were extra tables in the kitchen with
car engines on them.

there's been entire bands in my den, complete
with all their gear when they'd leave....

there's been scratch stations (dj stuff) in
the living room, circuit boards everywhere,
air compressors in my'd get so
loud you couldn't make a phone call..
don't forget the model trains.....or all the
model rocket stuff all over the place...
and when zakk was in his computer crazy man
stage we had something like FOURTEEN monitors
set up in his room.
that had to be healthy.

when we had friends over for dinner once and
you couldn't smell dinner, just the motor oil
from the car parts, well.....that felt like
maybe a bit much.

last nite when we were once again shuffling
around to make room, it brought back all the

i have stepped over, tripped over, squeezed
around, covered my ears, and breathed in a lot
of their stuff....

there was always room.

looking back now, i'm just so glad there always

it really has made this place a palace.

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