Friday, July 10, 2009

my mad scientist

there's a window right here in front of my face.
out the window right now is a ladder leaning on
my house.
and as i look out the window, i see zakk climbing
the ladder.

he's my mad scientist.
always doin' something.

i'm so used to it, i forget to ask what he's up
to sometimes.

his last project involved a video camera on a
tripod in the hallway. all i saw was it was
blocking my way to the bathroom. after i came
out of the bathroom, i realized i should pay
attention and ask what's up.

he laughed and told me it was so fun to live here
as he can bring things inside the house like
this huge long pole he just brought in, and no
one thinks it's odd.

the other day i heard a loud boom, and went out
to the shed to make sure he was okay. he grinned
at me and said he heard that too, but no, it
wasn't him. and he thanked me for checkin on him.

so i'm watchin' him climb onto my roof, and i'm

he just built an antenna that gets tv.
we don't have tv.
the boys have a big ol' flat screen they bought
and watch dvd's on. but we don't get tv.

if i wanted tv, we'd get it.
but i like life without it.

so i didn't really see us needing an antenna.
but um.....why spoil his fun???

so he's been tinkerin' to get it just right.
at first just spanish channels came in.
i think now they all come in.
he's just tweaking.

up and down the roof.

he wanders around and does his thing....
and it's always so creative and interesting.

i like that kid.

and i'm so gonna miss these days of having someone
just head up a ladder for fun....

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