Saturday, July 11, 2009

she gave me the sky....

so all day yesterday i kept feelin' like
i was getting messages all around me.
good messages.

messages about being who you are and
offering that. and not doubting the value
of that.

it was really cool.

and then....

there was a package at my door waiting
for me when i got home from lunch.

a gift from a customer.

she creates with glass.

and there, outta the blue, was this
gorgeous dark blue glass plate with
lighter streaks in it that looked
like clouds.

enclosed was a note from her. she said
that as soon as she pulled it outta the
kiln, she thought of me.

i sat on my floor holding this plate
and the note feelin' kinda stunned.

we barely know each other.
she's a customer who orders regularly
and we pass brief notes back and forth.
we've both encouraged each other along
the way. that kinda thing.

and here was this plate.

of the sky.

she didn't even realize for me that's
my sacred spot. she just thought of my
last name, 'st. cloud' and put that together.

i thought of my stupid financial struggles.
and how i let that garbage get in the way.

i looked at that plate and wondered how in
the world i could ever lose sight of the
fact that i have the coolest job in the
world. i get to meet the most loving and
caring and generous people.

they aren't kidding when they say how
powerful it is.

when it can distract me from the incredible
life i's pretty powerful.

i put the plate in my living room.
where i see it constantly. walking in the door,
walkin' out. sittin in the living room,
walking thru.

what a perfect day to get this gift.
i think it will always be a reminder for me
to hang on to my intentions.....

what a gift.....

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