Friday, September 18, 2009

another belief

interesting timing.
beliefs was the topic of the conversation i just
had on the phone as i was in the middle of typing the
belief blog below.

the conversation wasn't about what i was typing.
i didn't even bring that up.

it was about someone's beliefs that were
totally fabricated.

oh, i've seen this before.
actually, i've seen it too many times at
too close a range.

when it all gets really dysfunctional and
realities are created to suit needs in an
extreme kinda way.

i've seen it enough that i have to believe
it's not as uncommon as i had originally thought.

there's got to be some books on this....
and i gotta go search.

what do you do when you're trapped in a
situation with someone making their own

and i'm thinking this must happen constantly
at a very low level. do we ever really see
what each other sees?

that's all low level.

i'm talkin' extremes here.

thankfully, and most gratefully, this is not
myself i am talking about!

i am an outside observer.

and i'm watchin'.
and i'm wonderin'.
and i'm thinking that there's not a whole
lot you can do.

draw boundaries.
work on keeping your sanity.
and learn to detach.

man, that sucks.

and makes me realize there's another belief
that floats around deep inside me....
one that says 'there's always something you can

ya know.....
i don't think so.

i think that's another one i gotta let go of.

what a weird balancing act it all is.........

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