Friday, September 18, 2009

my balancing earrings

final one....
i gotta go get some breakfast!

but these posts keep making me think.

in the post below i mentioned the belief
of 'there's always something you can do.'

that's it!
that's what i was talking about in the first
post i did here (which would be two down
and would totally confuse everyone else but me!)

that's another way of saying 'love always wins.'!!
that's what i was saying....

hang on.
let me try to make sense.

i have a belief i need to let go of.
i think i let go of it.
and it creeps in in different ways.
it comes in in different forms so i haven't
let go of the belief at all.
i just think i have!

it just happened.
just as i was sitting here typing.

these darn things creep in and run our hearts
and our minds and we don't even know what all
we're doin'.

it's fascinating stuff.

and the balancing act we have to do when we
start looking at these things.....
the balancing act is almost impossible in
my eyes right now.

how do you balance letting go of believing
in good winning and not lean towards bad winning??

how do you balance that good can win.
and yet doesn't have to win?

sometimes balancing just is real hard for me.

yet....i think that means it's some pretty
big growth waiting to happen.

this morning i put on my balancing earrings.

no kidding.

i have these earrings that are tears.
in the tears are hearts.

i wear these earrings every time i have to face
something i don't know how to face.

they remind me to balance.
to TRY to balance.

i've got some serious thinking to do today.
thought the earrings might help me out.

what the heck.
i could use all the help i can get!

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