Friday, September 18, 2009


it's about my beliefs.
some turmoil i've been having.

a few years ago i lost the belief that
good always wins. i've mentioned that
before, so will leave out all the paragraphs
that go with that thought.

thing is.....beliefs apparently come in many
different forms.

and that belief was apparently hanging on in
a way i didn't notice til recently.

in that great mid life book i read, she talks
about mid life being a time where you need to
look at your beliefs and put down the ones that
don't work for you any more. and grab the ones
that do.

that helped.
and i realized that i didn't hold too many
beliefs that i felt i could lay out in a list.

one of the few tho is that love is an incredible
power that is misunderstood in so many ways.
and that it's power is beyond comprehension.

this morning as i walked i realized that
i had to include the flip side of that into
my beliefs....

fill in the above with 'lack of love' and you
have what i've been dealing with all week.

'lack of love' has been my gentle way of
saying evil.

because that whole concept freaks me out a bit.
and i'm not ready to wrap my head around that.
so i'm taking it one step at a time.

what i saw this morning is that beliefs are
tricky things. and they're mixed in our lives
in so many ways that we don't even realize....

and i think it'd be real helpful to know what
they are and how they're movin' us around...

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