Thursday, September 17, 2009

straightforward...who knew?

there's this way of life i've kinda adopted
that still amazes me with how good it works...

it goes like this....

i tell you what works for me.
you tell me what works for you.
and then we'll go from there.

how cool is that??
and um....sounds like a no brainer, right??
i used to forever try to figure out what
everyone needed and then fill it even if it
hurt me in the process.

i tell ya, this way is so much better.

i just had what coulda been a sticky weird
situation with a friend.

i just bopped him an email and told him
what worked for me.

he gets to pick what works for him.

we're done.
that easy.

i was just up scrapin' stars off my ceiling.
(no, i haven't finished doin' that yet)
and i was thinking about it....

how can a way of life that is so honest,
straight forward and easy have been so
elusive for so long???

i tell ya....
sometimes it feels really good to have
grown up a bit.

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