Tuesday, September 8, 2009

both feet

i work with a lotta different shop owners.
some i know really well, some i've never spoken

some i know just a tiny bit. and some i get to
know a little bit more when life hits them hard.

one such shop owner has a son who got in a motorcycle
accident a couple years ago. he was 'okay' but had
to take something like a year to get really okay again.

i could just imagine the toll that took on both of them.

well, just recently i found out that her son got in
yet ANOTHER accident.


again, he's 'okay' but it will be a year of recovery.
she just told me how lucky he was. that he almost lost
both his feet.

my stomach did a flip flop when i read that.

and i tried to imagine how she was coping with it.

concentrate on the blessing of those feet being here,
i told her.

i stopped and thought of that.

i gotta remember that today.
concentrate on all you have.
and how it doesn't have to be here.

i've looked down at my feet twice now and smiled
at them.

concentrate on all you have.

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