Wednesday, September 9, 2009

living among the stars......

i need to repaint my bedroom.
yeah, right.
i've been looking at it for about
two years now....
i promised myself i would do it this fall.

i decided yesterday i was prolly not gonna
get the block of time i needed, and i should
just work on it in bits til i was done.
then i'd at least do it.

so last nite i went in and started taking
some stuff off the walls.

i looked up at the stars on the ceiling.

hate to take those off.
maybe i could just not paint the ceiling???
ahhhh noooooo it needs it bad.

so i started scraping stars.

i just let them fall.

zakk came in later to say goodnite. he walked
in with a puzzled look on his face.
'did you know there's a trail of stars leading
to your room?!'

i laughed.
i had walked in and out a few times and well...
left a trail behind me.

'yeah! isn't it great?!' i answered.
i was totally lovin them everywhere.

when i woke up i had stars sticking to me.

i got up and walked over them and smiled.

i almost like them on the floor better, i thought.

what a way to start your day......
right among the stars.......

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