Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the hoodie crisis of 9/9/09

we got word this morning that the designs
we had worked on for our new hoodies that
we want to do, wouldn't work.

since we already feel like we're about
a month behind, crisis mode snapped in.

it was really very comical.

i never made it out on my walk.
was starting to change into walking clothes
when i figured out i'd better stay and
work on this. it was actually my tee shirt
i wear on walks that got me thinking of fonts
and such...and i decided to concentrate on
that stuff.

between yo's slow and steady let's think
this thru and my 'no time to think, let's
just start!' it was pretty funny.

zakk was gettin' a kick outta watchin' it
all so he was sure to add a little to the
chaos just for the fun of it.

i was all over the map confusing yo as
he couldn't keep up. he said it was the same
as shopping with me. there were no straight
lines, i zig zagged all over the place....

and yeah, i do.

BUT! we finally came up with something that
was inner child inspired.

little terri made it!

and little terri clapped and clapped when we
were all done. so i knew that it was right.

yo wasn't sure anyone would want them....
and i said 'doesn't matter. i gotta love them.
that's what matters.'

we laughed at my marketing skills but figured
what the heck, that's how we've gotten by
so far......

as i was runnin' up to their office to tell
them something, i got so excited i forgot
how to use the stairs. when i made it up
safely and told them, zakk just started laughing.

'you never have that happen?' i asked.

and he laughed some more.

it's been a wild morning. a fun morning.....
prolly a pretty stressful morning for yo yo....
but i loved it.

and now the christmas cards i'm workin' on just
got delivered. and yeah, i goofed bad on one of

there's never a dull moment....but how fun is this?

i get to play for work!

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