Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fighting over mister fromm!..or is that dr. fromm?!

i read this book a few years back called
'to have or to be' by erich fromm.

it was awesome cool. he talks about
two modes of existence (i got that
phrasing off the back cover....i liked
that!) the 'to have' mode and the
'to be' mode.....

i'm sure i'll be posting more as i just
grabbed it to read.

i looked EVERYWHERE for that book.
couldn't find it.

really feel like the timing is right for
it so i kept searching.

hmmm.......after the fortieth look in
the living room then backtracking to my

i wonder.....
do you spose yo yo has it in his room????

sure enough.

right by his bed.

how cool is that?!!

his 21st birthday is coming up soon.
one of the things on his gift list is books....
some erich fromm books are in the book list.

he's the guy who wrote 'the art of loving'
he's a psychoanalyst that died in 1980.

i just stood there shakin' my head.

how cool that he had it right there?!

do i take it?!

that doesn't seem quite fair, does it?!

we'll have to share.....with him getting
first dibs.

i'm just so tickled he's checkin it out
on his own.....

i've got some awesome cool kids...

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