Tuesday, September 8, 2009

quick calls....

he asked how i was doin' today.

'oh, you know, okay.'
'well, okay...truth is i feel like i got
hit by a truck.'

he laughed.

and he totally got it.

that's all i needed to say.

we talked for just a few minutes, long enough
to let the other know we cared. and then back
to the crazes around us.

but i kept thinking of that laugh of his.
how he totally understood.

we've been thru so much together.
and there's no way on earth it's been easy.

we've decided it's time we concentrate more on
us now. sure we're not gonna have an us if we
don't. and so our focus is coming more and more
into what we need.

doesn't meean we're gonna meet those needs and
make it all wonderful. just means we're gonna
try hard to make some changes.

it's been so difficult lately that i wonder if
i can do it.

and then i hear that laugh....think of all we've

and i know how lucky i am.

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