Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i exchanged a few notes with someone this morning.
she gets the daily bone sigh quotes we send out,
and this morning's had to do with the sky.

she had just returned from her walk, got the quote
and wrote me a quick note.

we commented on walking and skies....
and somewhere along the line i told her about my
good morning world spot....
where if i turn my back to the cars and just look
at the trees and sky, i can be in vermont, and the
car sound can be a river.

i think it was a stretch for her, and she said
i musta spent my whole childhood being told to get
my head outta the clouds.

i laughed.

it brought back a memory of driving with my parents
on the way to church. they were commenting on the
clouds. my dad was into weather and such and they
were gettin' all sciency about it and i just didn't
care. i just thought the clouds were pretty.

i remember they were annoyed at my lack of desire
for knowledge.

and i remember thinking there must be something
wrong with me cause i'm really okay just looking
at them.

since i taught my kids at home, i've learned a lotta
things and i'm always filled with awe at the
science part of things....

but ya know....
i'm still okay just lookin' at the pretty clouds and
not needing to know anything about them.

and i don't feel like something's wrong with me
anymore about that.

i feel kinda lucky.

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