Wednesday, September 16, 2009


one of the wild flowers that's big around
here this time of year is tickseed sunflower.
it's this perky yellow flower along the sides
of the roads.

i absolutely love those flowers.

they're growin' in bunches up by one of the
construction sites. and they were so pretty,
i just had to stop and look at them.

wow...if i were a flower, i wouldn't mind
being one of them, i thought.

and that's all it took...
my mind was off and runnin' with flowers
and which ones i'd be.

i wouldn't be a rose, i thought.
that seems like so much work.

now i love roses. think they're gorgeous.

but i'm not a rose.

hmmmm.....this all got me thinking.

why is it too much work to be a rose?
roses don't work at being roses.
they just are. about lilies and iris?
oh yeah. too much work.
for me.
not if you are a lily or an iris.
then it's easy.

daisies and buttercups?
easy. i'd be them.

that's me.

and as silly as it sounds....
the flower deal here gave me this great
understanding of being comfortable with
who i am.

there have been times in my life i had
wished i could be gorgeous for a day.
or glamorous or worldly elegant. you know,
just for a little bit.

some of those moments came back to me as
i walked. and i grinned at the thought of
a rose being too much work.

a rose to me is the gorgeous or glamorous
or worldly elegant.

i just ain't never gonna be a rose.

but when i put all the flowers in front of
my mind.......there was none that was 'less

each one was gorgeous in its own way.

and while this sounds like a silly story
you'd tell an eight year made
sense to me.

maybe to my inner eight year old.

and i knew that being what came naturally
to me was what i wanted to be. and that
it didn't matter who was chicory and who
was an iris and who was a buttercup....
that we all rocked the world with our colors.

i had not been strugglin' with my own image
lately. this has not been a current issue.
not even on my mind.

but this odd sense of understanding sunk
in this ol' head of mine today.

and this incredible sense of comfort in
my own self covered me.

and the best part.........i realized i wasn't
just one flower. it depended on the mood,
the day, what was goin' on.

cause no one is just one flower.
everyone's a bouquet.

how totally awesome cool is that?!
when's the last time you looked at your own
bouquet and marveled at the beauty??

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What an awesome post!