Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a seed....

another walkless morning.
this will make me insane soon.
thursday nothing will stop the walk tho...

for now, i grab a quick moment outside
and breathe in this gorgeous cool air.
quick glimpse at the sky....and turn to
get ready for a short trip away.

his pop is on my mind this morning.
part of me is dreading this trip.
it will be hard to see him.

he's unhappy and not doing well.
how long can he last like this?
it will be hard.

i stopped to read a couple blog posts this
morning...two friends....both struggling
right now.

want to leave comments for both...words seem
too lame to me to offer...they both know they're
in my heart. how many times can i tell them?

my gosh, i've got that guy thing inside me.
i just want to fix everyone's problems.
good thing i'm not god, i'd go crazy tryin'
to keep up.

and yeah....i want to change everything.
for these incredible women with their heavy
pain....for his pop with his life of sadness....
for a whole lotta people.

since that doesn't seem to be the way it works...
maybe i just have to keep reminding all these
people that they matter.

maybe that's all i can do.

yeah, i can do that with words.
but today, i feel like i need more than words.

so today i'm gonna hold these people in my heart.
gonna put this seed i carry around sometimes in
my pocket.

and written on this big ol' seed??
'i have great faith in a seed...
i am prepared to expect wonders.' -thoreau

every time i touch it or notice it,
i'm gonna feel them in my heart.

cause i'm kooky enough to think that makes a


Anonymous said...

Fixing everyone's problems is how I consistently try too hard and manage to screw everything up.

And then again, it everything was "fixed" or "right", would there be any lessons in it all...this thing called life?

You are right, sometimes it's just better to carry the seed and nurture it where it grows.

Yes, it does make a difference.

Melissa said...

sometimes I think it's the listening, the caring, and the stepping back and not having to "fix it all" that heals more than anything. It takes someone with eyes that can see beyond the broken to the possibilites. Some things are just "un-fixable". Instead of putting the pieces back together, sometimes you gotta take the pieces and create something totally new.

I think that's where people like you make all the difference in the world.