Sunday, October 18, 2009

art time

this whole project we're doin'...
that we'll launch tonite...
and i'll post here.....

well,i already saw a miracle from it.

zakk created greeting cards last nite.
two of them.

stop right there.

that's big, big, big news.

i have been tryin' to get him to do
some art for bone sighs for years.

he takes photos too. i've been tryin'
to get him to do something with them.

and then last nite, i sat and watched
him create and make two cards with his own

he took some lines from a song josh wrote
for this whole project and used those.

i sat, watched, and was delighted.

josh took some of his lyrics and made a
poster with them and one of his own photos.

remember when the kids were little and
you did artsy things with them? there was
this weird shade of that feeling goin'
on with me as i watched all this happening
yesterday. only they weren't little...
they're grown up....and they're making things
to help out a good cause.

there's a purpose in their art.

okay, so maybe it wasn't art time with the
kids. and i didn't get painty or gluey at
all. i just watched.

it was still wonderful......
and i'm feelin' pretty darn tickled over here.

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