Saturday, October 17, 2009


it's no secret how much patty from south africa
has moved my soul.yesterday we were wrapping up
work on a donation site that we'll be putting up

i was so tickled that zakk quietly slid on board
and is helpin in this too. so now, every single one
of us is part of this...and that tickles me to no

i ran a test run by patty. so she could add or tweak.
she wrote later....she had shared it with the women
she works with. one of these women in particular
has her story on a page on the new site.

a remarkable woman. a woman, who when i read about,
i just cried and was so moved with her spirit.

well, patty shared the site with her!

i told this to bob later on the phone.
actually, i squealed this to bob later on the phone.
i heard myself goin' on and on and i actually said
'bob, she's a real person and she really saw it
and it really mattered to her!'

what did i think would happen??
laughin' at myself here.....
i sounded like i was six years old.
but i was so darn excited.

i woke up last nite with a few last minute ideas
i'll be workin' on this weekend.
middle of the nite, writin' notes to myself....
and smilin'.

this whole thing is happening because
it is filled with tremendous pain. it's ugly, sickening,
and heartbreaking.

and in the middle of all of that....they're over there
clappin' with joy that we're doin' this...
and i'm wakin' up in the middle of the nite smiling
and excited with ideas.

life is the most fullest thing, isn't it?!

patty's been thanking us....and i don't know how to
tell's them that have changed our lives over
here. it's them that have broken me open even more.
and it's them that have brought my sons and i together
on a project that matters so much to all of us.

we sat in the studio late last nite goin' over some stuff
regarding this project.

josh looked at us all sitting there and said 'we never
stop working.'

we laughed.
it's not true.
there was a lotta playin' in between.
and it's not true cause it's not work.
it's love.

and i think that's why it feels like it never stops.
we always gather and brainstorm ideas.
and so many of them are filled with love.
i hope that part never stops.

i looked at their faces....i thought of all they're
doin' to make this happen.....

and i saw three tremendous young men.
for a moment in time, they're lives blend with these
women's lives and even if there isn't one dollar donated,
something magical has taken place.

and we'll be offering you that magic tomorrow evening...

i am so darn excited.


Merry ME said...

Wait a minute ... is that the Pointer Sisters I hear in the background .... I'm so excited and I just can't hide it ....

Ter, et al, I hope you've got that song playing while you do this incredible, magical, wonderful work. Only instead of the Pointer girls I think it might be a host of heavenly angels blessing you efforts.

Can't wait to be excited with you.

Patricia Michael Melnice said...

Ter, I too woke up in the middle of the night! I checked the site . . . I had been dreaming about it. I wanted to make sure it wasn't all a dream and there it was! I was sure I wasn't asleep because I got up and went to the bathroom, drank water, came back and the site was still there! And then I stood there in my p.j.'s and scrunched my shoulders up to my ears, clapped, and felt like I little girl opening the best gift ever! I love you so . . . you and all your wonderful sons . . . and I can hardly wait to let the site fly free. It is all so so good. It matters. You all matter. It is spreading awareness and as I have said many times, that is step 1. It will reach so many people. Imagine the power it carries for change . . . not just money . . . maybe it will move another to take action and help and then another . . . this is how the small pebble dropped in the water causes a ripple effect. It is knowledge. Imagine how it might effect others to be kinder to their neighbor right outside their backdoors. What if it causes all of us to realize how crazy lucky we are for all we have and how grateful we oughta be about our beautiful country. It is so so much that you have done . . . you and the guys . . . and it all matters. This project has angel wings . . . and it is filled with such goodness and love . . . the possibilities are endless. I am overflowing with gratitude and I'll never be able to tell you how much it meant to me or Lady Fair that you cared . . . and it matters Ter. It really matters.
Love and Peace. Amen.