Wednesday, October 21, 2009


ohmygosh! we've only communicated by email....
this incredible shop owner and i.
i mentioned her in the newsletter, mentioned
that we had never even spoke, and she read it....
...and figured it was time we fixed that.

so she called this morning!

ohmygosh.......i already loved her....but i
tell ya, when i hung up the phone.....i had
the biggest smile on my face.

i leaped right into it with her.

i asked her about love and her beliefs and
why she thought we were here and what she
wanted out of life and how she got where she

something big of mine came up.
she said 'that's a good question to ask yourself.'

i already have, i answered.
and told her the answer.

heard myself say it.

wondered in my head how long i'd be hangin' on
to something that wasn't workin' for me.

we talked of everything being choices.
and how she made some very big decisions.
she just made them.

we talked of love working....but sometimes it wasn't
an instant gratification thing.

that 'instant gratification' really jumped out at me.
that's what i want....
and that's not what you get in life.....

she told me different ways she approached things inside
her......ways i want to explore with now.

later yo told me that he walked into the studio when
i was on the phone. he said my head was in my hands
and i was looking down and holding perfectly still
just listening.

he said he actually stood there a minute to make sure
everything was okay. and that when he heard me talk,
he knew it was and then moved on.

i laughed when he told me and tried to figure out what
we were talkin' about then....and i realized....
she was tellin' me her story of her childhood.

she has every reason in the world not to be who she is
today. she has every reason to be someone that's hard
to be with....

and yet she chose a life of love and beauty.
she's here to serve and help others see their own
she's grace, she's wisdom, she's strength, she's joy...
and she's sorrow and pain...she's compassion.
she's woman.

i told her that i had discovered that women were incredible
creatures. she totally agreed. we talked of that a bit.

we hung up,and i've been singin' in my heart ever since.

it's choices.
it's decisions.
it's honesty.

i am filled with inspiration......
and i'm bowing down to this incredible spirit called dani.

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Merry ME said...

I haven't met Dani either, but through you, we've developed an email relationship that I cherish. She's having a workshop sometime soon and I've even considered signing up for it just to meet her! Forget about a weekend away or working on finding myself, or being where it's chilly enough for a coat and woolly socks - I want to spend some time in a room with Dani and soak up her wisdom, her of life ... her love period.

The funny thing is this. I asked myself if she called me, what would I say? I can just imagine you jumping right in and getting to the heart of the matter. I'd be shy and goofy and ask about the weather. I love how open you are with people you know and strangers (as in the man in the truck in your last post). When I grow up I think I want to be like you!