Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a nudge from my dreams....

i had a dream that one of my walkin' shoes almost
got thrown a whole pile of shoes and

i was puttin' on my shoes to walk on the treadmill
this morning and remembered the dream.

i'm gonna just walk around the block this morning.
just around the block.
that's safe and fine.

i walked out to my driveway and stopped to clean
up some broken glass.

i'll just do this instead, i thought.
i'll just take my time, clean this up, and head
back in. i won't go around the block.
i need to just stop with the walks.

i took my time.
cleaned up the glass.
took two steps towards my front stoop to go
sit down and think....

looked down at my shoes.
remembered the dream.

just around the block, i thought.
i got to.

and so i set out. felt like heaven.

i passed a woman getting in her car.
i smiled, said 'how ya doin'?'
'good. and yourself?' she answered.

oh ho ho ho ho ho.

'good.' i answered.

and i smiled as i walked by her.
i had refrained from yellin' out
OH MY GOSH I FEEL GREAT! did you see
where the sun directly hit those trees
over there?? how they totally lit up in
this field of shine?? did you see it??
if you keep lookin' at it while you're
walkin', it's so distracting you'll trip.
and i'd be careful driving by it and looking.
i'd have trouble keepin' the car on the road.
did you see that tree over there??
it's lost all its leaves but it's got a few
purple blossoms on it!
like some kinda profound message to anyone
who looks! i've got my soft jeans on today
and they're rubbin' against my knees and
makin' my whole body smile. and when the
guy with the big beard who i haven't seen
in ages and never spoken to but only wave to
drove by in his truck we both lit up like
old friends who hadn't seen each other in
twenty years! and it made me laugh inside
and my whole being feels good and i JUST
started my walk!'

i refrained from saying all that.
and just said 'good.'

man.....have i missed walkin'.

i think i'm goin' around the block every day.
i think i've got to.

i've been tryin' to be a big girl about this
and just stay in my yard.

yo looked at me this morning and said 'it's
been driving you crazy, hasn't it?'

yeah, i said.

just the block. i need the block.

i think my dreams knew......

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

I may have missed something. I'm not sure why you had kind of, sort of, given your morning walks. Maybe because it's dark in the morning and not real safe.

I'm all for safety, but it sounds like these walks are like your morning prayers. How about if your get yourself some reflective tape and put it all over your life preserver. Be sure to wear the preserver in case you are knocked down by a car that didn't see your reflective taple in the dark. Don't forget to wear a bike helmet as if you are knocked over you don't want to hit your head on the curb. And be sure to take a whistle ... a loud whistle. Unless you are knocked down with the wind knocked out of you, you can call for help with a blast that will split the darkness. A cell phone might work just as well.

Remember how we used to wrap our kids up in snowsuits, that had so much padding and warmth that they could barely walk and the whole point of going out was to play in the snow. Well that's probably how'll you'll look when you go for your walk, but at least you'll be protected!

Loving you and knowing the sun will shine on you whether you are walking outside or on the treadmill.