Thursday, October 22, 2009

tree removal and pink bubbles.....

so they came thru and took some of my trees,
well, i don't know if a main root got cut
of another or what....but this really
beautiful one that i was hoping would kinda
help fill in for the lost ones died too.....

i couldn't believe it.

i'd stand on my street just looking at it.

logic tells me it got damaged when the others
got removed.

my heart tells me it died when it's friends
got taken down......

so last nite we found ourselves with a little
extra time.....

and the guys were ready to start taking that
tree down.

this stuff makes me crazy.

i want to be near by so i can be there if there's
a horrible accident.
and i want to be miles away so i never have to
be near a horrible accident.

so i worked in the gardens our front while yo
and zakk worked on the tree out front.

they got out there before i did.
yo was already up in the tree.

i came out with three bananas.

'okay, before you start, we gotta take a
banana break.'

i couldn't believe they came over with no
protest. they musta been hungry.

yo looked at me as he took the banana.
this is about low blood sugar, isn't it, mom?

yeah. i said.
more accidents happen when your blood sugar
is low. we'll just have a little snack.

they laughed at me and ate the bananas.

i went to the far end of the garden....
every now and then i'd look up and watch....
and then pull my head down fast and think
'don't look. just don't look.'

i'd holler things like 'be careful.'
'don't get cocky with that thing. pay attention'
'you hangin' on good?'

you know, all those helpful mother things.

the chain saw stopped at one point and i hollered
up 'i'm visualizing a pink bubble around you!'

'a PINK bubble??? really, mom??'

'yeah, zakk, a PINK bubble. that's what i do.
it's my way of helping. leave me alone, you're
getting a pink bubble.'

laughin' as i type....
these poor guys.....

and they did it.
the hard part, anyway.
it's half down.
the rest will come tonite and tomorrow....

when the top tumbled into the pile of branches
they had layin' there they hollered like they
made some kinda touch down.

perfect! they yelled.
yo came over beaming that it actually landed
in the pile they had made.

i beamed back at him...but it was for a whole
different reason........i was really glad that
HE didn't land in the pile they had made.

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