Wednesday, November 11, 2009

four comments and a whole lotta wisdom....

i wrote the post below because i was filled with it
and i wanted to remind me and anyone and everyone
that reachin' out to others matters. sometimes they
can't reach out themselves. i was filled with that.
still am. that's why i wrote it.

i got four incredible comments. (if there's any more
after that, i just haven't seen them yet...)

so incredible i wanted to put out a piece of each...
if you haven't read the post that sparked them, it's
directly below this one. might want to read that first.

i actually didn't want comments. this one hurts a lot
and really just kinda shreds my heart a bit. so what
could someone say to help, ya know??? i was afraid any
comments would just poke the wound.

leave it to you guys to show me how wrong i am....

'lis comes along first. she's lost her sister. and she's
still whirling from the grief. she just recently lost
several friends....she's young. she shouldn't be losing
this many people. but she is. and she tells me she knows
what i'm feeling.

that right there.
that was all she had to say.
cause i know she does.
and that helped.
but she throws out the profound....maybe it would have
made a difference, maybe it wouldn't have.'

that sentence is so true.
and honestly.....there's a real real high chance it
wouldn't have. and i have to see that part too.

she shines so incredibly bright to me. i walked away
from her comment feeling understood.
a pretty good gift, i'd say.
i also walked away filled with melissa's spirit.
knowing she's had some real tough stuff and she keeps

then claire pops in.
i haven't talked to claire in years.
we exchanged emails years felt like an old
friend stopped by, with this piece of wisdom....

we must accept what people choose.

i had worked so hard on that. i really had.
i totally forgot that part. and the part that we
can't control things.
gosh, i have such trouble with that one....

i so want to control all this stuff. and claire
reminds me of the way it really is.

she ends it with a profound thought...
'if someone has never known the kind of trusting
love that you offer, how would they recognize it?'

i gotta believe she's known it. i gotta believe that.
for my sanity. (no controlling there, huh?)but i think
that's a really big thought to keep in mind anywhere.

then ms. sorrow (who totally needs to write a book)
captured exactly what i wished i had written...
how we can use that feeling to keep trying to be
there for the ones that are still here. 'i hold
this pain in my heart that i failed you. it is a tear
that never mends, and i pour my love into the world,
trying to be there for all the women whose face i
look into and see your eyes.'
that is it. bam.

and then the actual gramma came thru. go figure.
the post motivated her and reminded her to keep on
what she's doin'. i know she didn't need that. i know
she will anyway. but i smiled when i read it. cause
that's what i wanted to do....remind everyone.

i sat and looked at these comments and cried this

that's a whole lotta wisdom in four short comments.....
i figured they needed a post.

thank you for these.....lis, claire, sorrow, mona....
they mattered.

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