Monday, November 2, 2009

it's a tradition!

'it's a tradition!' i sang out last nite!
i met up with my sons and bob at panera when
i pulled back into town.

when one of us is away....for the day....or
even for just an event, like me and the play...
we try to catch up and meet there and tell
stories about whatever happened. or at least
that seems to be the pattern. and last nite
i declared it a tradition.

even the parking has become a tradition. and
how we all line up next to each other.

i was the first to pull in. and i coulda parked
closer, but it didn't leave the two extra spots
for the other cars. so i pulled further away
so we could all park together. they do this too.

even that makes me smile.

i was the first to arrive.
started crossing the parking lot, when bob
pulled up. i walked back to meet him.
threw him against the car, hugged him and
told him how much he meant to me.

it wasn't long before the boys showed up.
and we sat around just glad to be there.
i kept thinking how lucky i was to have them,
and was just soaking them all in.

josh got started with past life talk, i
hopped on board, and before you know it, everyone
was creating past life stories for themselves!

i declared to bob that he HAD to have been a
warrior. i know he was. and probably roman.
i took a sip of water and almost spit it out with
laughter when he said 'maybe that's why i don't
like sandals!'

i love those guys.
and i love our tradition....

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