Monday, November 2, 2009


so i got a little cosmic watchin' the play
i attended yesterday.

my friend who i'm always rejoicing is still here
because we came so close to losing her was in
the play.

i watched her up there beaming. singing, beaming.
i sat and thought about how totally cool it was to
see her up there, doin' something she loved.

the guy who played the butler reminded me so much
of a friend i lost some years ago. the friend who
when he passed, i got mad at the world and isolated
myself and cleaned my attic and painted my living
room. that friend. so i particularly liked him.

there was a woman who reminded me of my sister in law
with cancer. and someone who even reminded me of my
dad...altho i couldn't figure out why as the similarity
seemed way way of a stretch. but since he reminded me
of both my dad and my dad's brother, i knew something
was there.

so all these people were tuggin' on some strings for
me as they said their lines and sang their hearts out.

i thought how lucky we all were, sitting there. here.
watchin'. just enjoyin'. just being here. we didn't
have to be.

and how lucky i was to see my friend shining.
doin' something she really was loving.

it was kinda cool to sit in the darkness and watch all
this....and just be grateful to be part of the bigger
play right now.

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