Monday, November 2, 2009

the yin yang principle

something's been dawning on me lately....
i've been sitting with it a bit.
the more i sit with it...
the more it feels right.

i call it 'the yin yang priniciple.'

i love the yin yang symbol and find soooo
much wisdom in it. sometimes when bob
and i are talkin' tryin' to figure things
out we hit a spot and say something brilliant
like 'it's that yin yangy kinda thing.'

when you've got the opposites going and
both are true. is finally sinking into my bones
that life isn't a disney movie.

i know, i'm slow.

and what you have is a huge mix of the joyful
and the sorrow filled.

and you can have both at the same time.

i think i have used up soooo much energy just
fighting the 'sad' or the 'bad' and tryin'
for it all to be good.

but there's no reason for the fight.

it's never all one thing.
it's always a mix.

so the practical application for me goes
something like this.....

i work on holding both. and concentrating on
the one that fits the moment.
there's a time for both.
and to just hold one is wrong.
it's not whole.
i hold both. but at different moments.
and know that at every given moment, there is

i've tried it out just a bit so far....
and i'm amazed at how much it's helping me.

and i'm thinking the more i practice, the more
i'll be able to go from one to the other.

i'm thinking i'm onto something here.
and i'm really likin' it.....

that ol' yin yangy thing.


faerian said...

i think you need to change your by line - your mind sounds clear as a bell and in no way confused!!!

beautiful post Teri!

Camille Olivia ~ aka: Taloula said...

how eerie cool...i just sent you an email about standing on the edge of that precarious perch...and then found this. guess there's no shortage of cosmic connection here, huh?