Monday, November 30, 2009

wrapping myself in blogs.

sometimes i give.
and i try.
and i feel.
and i hurt.
and i get tired.
and overwhelmed.
and grateful.
and lost.
and mellow.
and crazed.

and feel that i've been away.
and need to get back.

that's me today.
all of that.

and so i stared at all the work i had
in front of me and said 'hang tight.
i've got some blogs to read.'

and i went and read my girlfriend's

and i cried, and clapped and i smiled
and i breathed in their goodness.

we have no idea how powerful our energy is.
and how soothing the compassion and kindness
and searching and trying is.

wrapping myself in it this morning as i head
back to work.


faerian said...


Patricia Michael Melnice said...

and did you know your blogs did that for me?!??

Sending you love from South of the equator.