Wednesday, December 16, 2009

catchin' the sun...

i got to the corner where i turn back
towards my house from around the block.
and i stopped.

it was such a gloriously chilly morning....
just a little goodmorningworld spot
was callin'....i looked up the street....
i looked towards home....

oh, what the heck....

and i wandered up the street.

was just ramblin' under my trees when i
happened to look up.

the very top of one of the trees had this
gorgeous deep shimmery kinda color all over
it. i looked and looked.
what a beautiful color.

and i looked down the tree.
it was just in the top. didn't flow down it.

yeah, it was just catchin' the sun way up there...

i looked over at another.
sure enough.

so pretty.
wouldn't it be cool if that color ran thru
the whole tree?
if the whole tree lit up?

kinda smiled at myself.

nah, ter, it's really cool this way.

you know the color comes from the sun.
it's catchin' it. and soakin' it in.
even tho you can't see it down at the bottom,
it's still there.

which is kinda cool.

it's just like me.

and i started thinking about how i can sparkle
in certain places, shimmer here and there,
but you won't see it everywhere.
but it's still there...
somehow it's still there......
you just have to know it.

you find it in the obvious places so that
you can know it in the not so obvious places.

you reach for the sun.
you catch it.
you reflect it.
and you soak it in.
and you know it's there.
even in the places that look dark.

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Cindi said...

Hi Terri ~ being a sun lover myself, this particular post caught my eye! Oh how lucky those tree tops are to catch those warm, wonderful sun rays first! I was outside with my dog today, soaking in some sunshine. I love the idea that we are shimmering and sparkling all over, that the sun has soaked in and is living deep inside me, even if I can't always see it! Keep on shimmering!
~ Cindi