Thursday, December 17, 2009

the wisdom of the ages....kinda

amazing how things come together....

a talk with a friend here. an email from
a friend there. reading the thoughts
in a book given to me by yet another friend.
thoughts shared by all the friends in my life
whirled inside of me yesterday as i went to
shop for a candle holder.

i have been thinking for days of a way in which
to honor my dad's passing tomorrow.

this 'flow' thought i had the other day....about
life flowin' thru and out of me...that's been
a really big one for me. really big. and i thought
that i might want to consciously work with that
on friday. a friend suggested i light a candle
while i do that.

i thought of the menorah i have been so loving.
i thought ofthe act of ritual that i used to
include in my life and haven't for years.
of how i missed it.
i thought of the sacred feminine i had been reading

so when i found the grecian urn kinda vessel thing...
i knew i had found my candle holder.
it reminded me so much of the book i was reading and
the symbolism with the vessel and the feminine.

i had already been given the perfect candle as a
gift from someone special.
and yeah, when i brought the vessel home, the candle
looked like it was made for it. it fit/matched

this is now my candle that i will sit with when i'm
workin' on letting life flow thru me. when i want to
consciously sit and visualize touching but not holding
the parts of life that seem too big for me.

i thought i would start tomorrow, light the candle,
work on things flowin' thru and do some writing.

what better way to honor my dad than to try to honor me
and life and my interactions with it??

and the things i'll let flow thru?
things between my dad and i.
what a way to start.

it feels so right.
and it felt like the wisdom of the ages came together
for me yesterday. or at least, the wisdom of my friends.
they whirled inside of me, helped guide me, and held
me while i figured it out.


t2 said...

{{{ Ter }}}

squarepegperson said...

oh yea! love seeing things come together so sweetly! love YOU, dear ter!!

Merry ME said...

This really hit home to me.

In my mind I try really hard to connect with my dad. I'm always a little off. Perhaps the important thing to know is how to honor MYSELF and the rest will follow.


Cindi said...

I can so relate as my Mother's birthday was Saturday and she has been gone for almost 19 years. She died so young and I can't put into words how much I miss her, even though I feel like she stays with me. My sister and I always try to do something special on her birthday to honor & celebrate her. May sound weird, but this year, I danced and sang and I felt she was dancing right along with me! It put a smile on my face. I think you have picked a beautiful way to honor your Dad. I hope your time writing "with" your him is very sacred & special.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you've chosen a good way to honor your dad.
I think he understands you now, so write away. He hears you. He knows.

You're in my heart.