Friday, December 18, 2009


i ran up to their office yesterday evening....
ohhhh! did you hear? did you hear?
we're gonna get MILLIONS of inches of snow!!!

zakk calmly turns back towards his computer
and punches in a weather forecast.

'snow showers.' he says calmly.

LOOK AGAIN! i screech!
MILLIONS of inches, i tell ya!
look again!

he checks out several sites, raises his eyebrows
just a tad and says so cooly 'yeah, looks like
we might get a little snow.'

'we gotta get prepared!' i say with enthusiasm
and a twinkle in my eye.

if zakk's gonna play the cool calm game, i'm
gonna play back...

we must get provisions!'

yo and i were headin' out on a christmas errand.
i turn to zakk 'we'll fill the car with gas,
zakk. don't worry. we need a full tank of gas
for the blizzard.'

he looks sideways at me. not sure if i'm playin'
or not.

that's my favorite.
when he just doesn't know.

this morning he was warming himself by the pellet
stove. i was slippin' on my shoes for a walk.
'i'm gonna head out in the blizzard for a bit'
i announce.

there isn't one snow flake to be seen.

yo's in the room.
he suggests i tie a rope around me so i'll be
able to find my way back.

'rope! i exclaim!
we must get rope!
zakk! today, when you pick up all the food we
need.....get rope too!'

zakk's grinnin'.
and i know i'm gonna be doin' this for days now.
i'll be carrying on about the blizzard.
doesn't matter if there is one, if there's half
a one, or if there's nothing....i will carry on
the same way no matter what.

and zakk will egg me on with his calm detached
deal that he shoots my way.

i don't know what kinda playin it is.
dumb. idiotic.
but it's some kinda play that zakk and i have
created between us.
it's my playin' with him.
and i didn't realize til this morning that i
have different ways i goof with each one of them.

and somehow in that goofin', i'm pluggin' into
their energy and delighting in it.

it's the coolest thing.

now, if zakk brings rope home today, i am gonna
die laughing....

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Camille Olivia ~ said...

you SOOOOO make me smile! i just love hearing about you and your guys. warms me to my toes!