Wednesday, December 16, 2009

goy oh goy

oh i laughed when i read a comment here
that i'm not sposed to blow out my menorah let them burn all the way.

who knew???

and i'm laughing cause not only do i
blow them out....i've been having a ball
blowing them out in a certain way and
making this great pattern with the length
of the candles.

last nite i had to sit on my hands so i wouldn't
run out and see if i could find a matching menorah
so that i could put them side by side and light
more candles and have them go up and down in
lengths. i still want to do that.

i can just see bob shakin' his head at me
and calling me a 'goy.'

yeah, i may be a goy, but i'm a creative goy!

grinnin....and lovin' the season....

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