Thursday, December 10, 2009

concentrate, ter....concentrate.....

i'm tryin' so hard to concentrate.
there's so much stuff i need to do.
but i've got some of the christmas kid feelin'
today and i'm LOVING it.

feels good after the wobbly time lately.

the guys and me and bob and my bud who's
like my adopted brother are all goin' to
see the transiberian orchestra tonite.


i went a few years ago with the guys.
and loved it!
the guys have actually gotten tickets as
gifts the last few years and i've watched
them head out to those concerts on their own.
they always come back all aglow tellin' me all
about it.

well, this year's my year again....and i'll be there!
and bob and my bud will be there too!
how fun!
we're all headin' up in a truck together which will
be an absolute riot.
that's a LOT of testosterone!

the show is filled with lights and electric guitars
and christmas music to rock your socks off.

i want to sit and just feel it.
just take it all in.
soak it in like a little goofball sponge.

but first i must work.
i must do these things i gotta do.

concentrate, ter.

i've been talkin' to little ter a lot since

i think she busted loose.
cause i'm havin' a real hard time bein' a
responsible adult right now.


Merry ME said...

Responsibility is not all it's cracked up to be. That coming from the girl who drove all over town and back trying to find festive plates for her luncheon instead of making the dessert treats! My theory is that in the end it will all get done - or it won't! Live in the moment and play if that is what you feel like doing.

Signed and sealed by Mini ME

Dani said...

I'm jealous.....

but still hope you had an awesome time!!

I've been to their concert twice and have the cd' fact I'm listening right now....

but not like you did... last person.....(sigh)