Friday, December 11, 2009

last nite...

i sat there and soaked in every bit that i

i spent the first half of the concert with
tears in my eyes and squeezing bob's hand.

they were singing to me.
reminding me of magic and believing and
caring and angels.

all mixed in with crazy electric guitar
and electric violin.

the violinist was a young woman runnin'
around the stage, dippin' her head way
down over and over, and then runnin' to
another part of the stage.

i kept thinking of the incredible young
woman we lost to suicide a few years ago.
she played violin. and her dream was to
make it big. when her dream got smashed,
so did she.

i thought of her all nite. every time i
looked at that woman goin' to town on that
thing, bow flyin', hair flyin' with it...
i kept thinking how awesome it would be
if that was her....

the light show is amazing....and they did
incredible things....but my favorite was
the stars they made come out and the snow
they made fall.

i looked at my guys sittin' down the row
from me...enjoyin' it as much as i was for
all their own different reasons....

and it felt really really good.
we were all here.
and i was gettin' my reminder of what the
season was about....

and yeah.....even angels.

1 comment:

Dani said...

somehow I just know it WAS her, up on that stage, dancing and twirling with her bow flying just for you, to remind you she was still with you and that she loved you....