Saturday, December 12, 2009

rollin' the dice.....

yeah, it was a 'you had to be there' kinda
thing....but i'm gonna tell it anyway...

we were hangin' around josh's eatin' and
goofin' and playin' a crazy dice game that
i love cause it's a great excuse to whoop
and holler.

i was up to roll some combination of numbers
and everyone bets whether you can do it
in a certain amount of rolls or not.
EVERYONE, including mister bob, bet against

it just looked impossible.

the whole point of these games as far as i'm
concerned is to ham it up, carry on and be
a complete goon.

and so i was filling my role beautifully,
and 'for shaming' them all for voting against
their mom and girlfriend....

and then went ahead and rolled the impossible
rolls and won all their chips.

big smile here.

and OF COURSE i ran around the table hollerin
and slappin' everyone on the back and such
wonderful good sportsmanship things.

and then it was time for another turn.
no one wanted to take the roll...
and so i bid for it, got it, and we did the same
thing all over again.

everyone bet against me.
and bam!!!! i got it!

bob checked the dice to see if they were loaded.
i laughed and gathered in all the chips and
wiped them all out.

oh yes.

but then, i must tell you, i got wiped out after
that. so no, i don't always win by any means.

that's not the point of the story, altho i did
enjoy the wiping them out immensely.

after those rolls when it was time to move on,
i made everyone stop.

'i just think we need to take a moment and comment
on what just happened.' i said with a big smirk.

bob was shakin' his head sayin' how he couldn't
believe it. it just was impossible.

and that's when i hopped into the deal of 'you
just gotta believe in christmas magic. you have
to live the magic.'

things moved on, i got wiped out. bob left, the
boys and i hung a bit longer, then headed back

zakk looked at me later in the kitchen and we
were talking about those rolls of the dice.

you rarely ever hear zakk comment on things beyond

but last nite he shook his head and said 'mom,
that was you. that wasn't the dice. that was you.'

i laughed with him about it and said how weird it was.

and i've been thinking about it ever since.

i TOTALLY believe there's a flow you can step into.
i totally totally totally believe that.

i don't know if i believe you can step into it and
win with dice.

altho....if you're in it, why not?

but i have seen life flow really really easily when i'm
in that flow. and i have seen magic happen when i'm in
that flow.

like um.
why don't i do everything i can to stay in it???

there's gotta be one murky flow in my head sometimes
to forget about this incredible flow out there.

zakk reminded me of that last nite.

it's up to us.
it just is.

pass me those dice, will ya?

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Merry ME said...

You go girl! Show those boys how to roll the dice!

Loved the story and the reminder.