Sunday, December 6, 2009

happy birthday, josh!!!

i woke up thinking about him.
it's his 24th birthday today!

24 years.
how in the world did those years pass?
i did the smaltz-ball thing.
thought of when he was little....
all the way thru.

he's one of my favorite people on
the planet. for real.
when he walks in, the whole place
lights up.

his enthusiasm is one of my favorite
things about him. his mind races a thousand
miles a minute. and i know for him, it's
both a blessing and a curse.
but it sure makes sitting around the table
with him interesting! there is NEVER a dull
moment with josh around.

i can talk to him about anything.
just the other nite he started to say something
to me and i looked at him. i was upset about
something 'be careful what you say here, josh,
or i may have to punch you in the face.' good he's old enough i can say that


i didn't have to punch him. he was really helpful.

old soul that he is.

we're celebrating today.
we'll be gathering at his house.

he's smaltzy and sensitive enough that he'll let
me tell him how much he means to me. and i plan to
today. i want to make a point of pulling him aside
and really telling him.

i know he knows.
but i'm thinking the pull aside moments are really

i want to do more and more of them.

and yeah, i'll cry.
and yeah, he'll do the 'awwwww mom' thing.
and yeah, it'll be a moment i hold when i go to
sleep tonite....with him sleeping way down that
long hallway down at his own house.

happy birthday, josh!

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Patricia Michael Melnice said...

Happy Birthday Josh!! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you!

Love to all of you,