Monday, December 7, 2009

playing the game of life....

i creamed them in poker.
major cream.
wiped zakk out of all his chips
three different times.
cackled my way thru it all.
ran around the table.
dived into the chips.

and no, it's not cause i'm a good
poker player.
at all.
there were two things goin' on.
total luck.
and total goofiness.

i drive zakk crazy cause i bet a ton
of chips no matter what i have.

so you see, sometimes it doesn't work,
and i get creamed.

does that beat what i have?
i say with sadness.

and away my chips go.
i'm not a good poker player.

but i play with enthusiasm!

and zakk scratches his head and
says with disgust that there's no
figurin' me out cause i'll bet it
all on nothing.

sometimes i totally get creamed.

and then i grab something to eat and
wait til i get to have a whole new pile
of chips.

we'll restock me sooner or later.

yesterday as i leaned over josh's table
and pulled all those pretty chips my way,
a thought crossed my mind.....

you really ought to just live like this,

dive in.
go for it.
give it your all.
cackle with delight when you win.
stop and have a snack when you lose.
and wait for the time to come to refill
your chips.

if i could just get the hang of that with all
my life.......that would be the most
awesomest thing!

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