Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the sky and me....

this new book i'm reading is hittin' on a buncha
different levels.

even on one i never noticed with a book before.

the cover.
the title has raised letters on it.
you can feel the texture.
i've found myself reading, stroking the texture
with my fingers.

when i carry the book from room to room,
i stroke the letters.
i love the feel.

the mom and daughter are travelin' in the book.

i got up this morning and thought 'maybe i need
to go somewhere all alone. just get lost. be
alone for awhile.'

i pulled up the shade of my studio and gasped.
the sunrise out the window was stunning.


i keep feeling like the universe is putting
magic in front of my face at every turn.
smack in front of my face.


i just stood there for a moment.
kinda taken by it all.

then i headed out for a walk.
didn't want to miss it.

and as i got down to the sky's stage area,
i stopped right in my tracks.
'oh my gosh.'
i said it right out loud.
and i crossed the street to find a good spot
to stand and just take in what i was looking at.

the clouds were lit up in those morning colors.
the pinks and oranges....with light shinging
up thru them so they totally glowed.
and right smack in the center....
so big there was no denying it...
was a huge huge huge hole that led into
the cloudless layer.

it was this huge hole in the sky leading into
the blue cloudless peace.....

it was amazing.

i stood there and just looked and looked and looked.

i had never ever seen anything like it before.

like it was just calling me.
come on thru.
come on thru and feel the peace.

i just didn't even know what to do with it.

i hated to leave.
but couldn't stand there all day.
could i?

i should have.

i stayed for a bit, then kept walking.
and looking back at it.
and thinking.

the sky is my place i need to go to.
and i don't need to travel to get there.
i just need to go outside!

and that's what i should be paying attention
to. it keeps hollerin' at me.
it keeps tryin' to get my attention.

is that possible?
it sure feels like it.......

i wonder what it is about the sky and me....
maybe it's time i traveled thru some of the
openings it offers.

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