Saturday, January 2, 2010

around the table....

i was thinking about something.
trying to roll it over in my head a little
bit as it felt like it was worth mulling.

i was in the kitchen puttering and thinking.
we all ended up in there together. the last
of the holiday goofin' was about to take

i could feel myself getting wrapped up in
the thoughts. knowing they'd think something's
wrong if i stayed quiet, and knowing i wasn't
quite ready to put it down, i included them
in on it.

'i've got this thing rollin' around and i'm
wonderin' what you think about it.'

what followed was one of the best conversations
i've ever had with all of them as a group.

i think why it was so good was not one of us
had 'the answer.' we jumped in and started

josh thinks like i do. he'll take personal
experiences, relate and try to figure it out
that way.

yo yo is reading some fantastic books so he'll
throw in stuff he's reading and try to tie that
in. which totally led us down some interesting

zakk threw out a whopper of a question which
led us down a whole different path which totally
tied in at the same time. when he answered it
with his opinion, i smiled. i love it when he
shares what's inside him. the fact that he was
touching zen stuff just about made me fall out
of my chair.

we all asked, answered, questioned, thought and

yo asked me 'what do you think about this part,

i didn't know.
wouldn't have explored that part.
said 'i don't know.'

well that wasn't good enough.
he wanted a real answer.
okay, so i thought about it.
and we all started thinking about it.

it was the coolest thing.

we sat around my kitchen table doin' nothin'
but playin with these thoughts.

we finished up after a bit, and went on to
real holiday goofin'....but later i was trying
to figure out why that conversation was so

i think it's cause it was honest searching.
no one had any answers. everyone felt safe
to throw out a thought and say 'what do you
think of this one? where does this take us?'
and we all worked together to search thru it.

ever since they were little guys, i asked their
opinions on things. even when they were little
it was always worth asking. something good always
came from it.

i think a lifetime of asking them things brought
us to the table last nite.

they're not little anymore.
three young men offering their thoughts.
and i tell ya, it was one of the best conversations
i've ever had.

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Merry ME said...


For me, reading about your times together and feeling envious, I realized that one of the things I covet is the safety. Everyone gets to think out loud, explore ideas, speak their truth. While there may be laughing, I doubt there is ever laughing at or putting down.

What a family you have raised. What a place of comfort your kitchen is. Can you imagine in a few years, wives and grandchildren added to the mix? I think you might have to get a bigger table!

I love when you tell your "meeting" stories. In a way, it's like clapping for tinkerbell and saying, "I believe." You make some of my fantasies real - believable.