Friday, January 1, 2010

the first day...

gathering around the table for lunch and
resolutions, we curled into the place and
stayed a few hours.

swapping ideas, asking for advice, sharing
thoughts, and writing resolutions, we warmed
that booth up.

it was fabulous.

i seriously asked them for input on a few
things. what a cool feeling for a mom.
really valuing their thoughts and knowing
they witness the raw moments and wanting
to hear what they have to offer for advice.

and them giving really valuable, sensitive

there were observations with each other.
asking each other what we'd suggest for

laughter over the new rule: NEVER ask for
help writing your resolutions.

much teasing.
much listening.
much caring.


the first day of the new year, i shared
dreaming with my sons.

what a way to start.
here's to those dreams coming true...

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Merry ME said...

Did you take a picture?