Friday, January 1, 2010


i have a great camera.
a treat i gave myself this year from
some money someone gave me as a gift.
one of the best things i ever bought.

i brought it along on our trip.

and i goofed with it everywhere we went.
it was great fun.

until i found myself in the train museum.

the train museum??? really, gus??

i'm game for anything so in we went....

turns out this was the place where i found
that feeling again.
that feeling i first had when i picked up
yo's camera a few years back.
that feeling of complete and total delight.
the feeling that you just have to squeal
after every picture you take.
where you gasp with excitement and you
tingle with happiness.

that feeling.

i was taking pictures of trains.
but not like you'd think.
bob laughed about this.
said everyone else took pictures of trains,
and i came out with these pictures that
looked like abstract art. 'you didn't get
one real train picture.'

sure i did.
but only for josh.
he loves trains.
so i took a couple for him.
but that's the only reason i took those.

it's the others that were making me hop
up and down and gasp and squeal as quietly
as i could so i wouldn't disturb everyone else.

and that was the thrill.

i was finding abstracts.

i was finding something inside me.

something was rekindled in me in the middle
of that kooky train museum....
and i'm rarin' to go to plow on into whatever
it is.

those creative streaks.....
i think we all need to soak in them.
i want to just go dunk myself in for a bit
and take my time in there.

say cheese!

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