Saturday, January 2, 2010

a weird sorta prayer...

the concept of 'creating your reality' has
taken hold of me the last few days.

the idea that everything you do matters and
how you do it matters.

the idea that you create the peace or turmoil
around you.

the power that you have over your own daily
existence just to make it pleasant or not.

the power you have beyond that.

i think we're both totally powerless and totally

and i think that must be true as the truths seem
to be the things that hold the opposites equally.

i'm aware of these thoughts/concepts.
have tinkered with them before.

this time tho, they caught my eye and i haven't
been able to put them down.

i don't want to either.

i want to keep this stuff in the front of my mind
right now.

'gratitude vs entitlement' came up last nite.
i liked that one.

that one seems to BAM put things in their place
in my mind.

what are we creating?
what are we putting out there?
what are we offering?

i'm thinking that little check ins on that with
myself would be a good idea....

it's almost like a weird form of praying.

what if i asked myself that every day?
like a prayer?
and what if i held those questions as sacred?
and what if i viewed my answers to them as holy?


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