Saturday, January 30, 2010


it was a heart to heart conversation between
me and him.
wasn't planned. i wasn't tryin' to be
birthday smaltzy and 'talk' with him...
it just happened.

and i'll never forget it.

i had gotten a nice note from a friend
congratulating me on raising three good

that's right, i thought....they REALLY
ARE three men now. and i smiled at the
thought behind the note...

but you's a number.
eighteen. he's still my kid.

and then we had this talk.
and as i walked away, i thought of the
man thing.

it's not just a number.
he's really really a young man now.
he was everything i could have wished
him to be in that conversation.

i forget.
i think he's my kid.

not so.

i'm toasting this young man, this morning.
all weekend in fact....yeah...yeah...
prolly my whole darn life....

his actual birthday is tomorrow.
i think at some point i gotta take some time
to sit back and think about these three men
who are now more the world's men than mine.

how totally awesome is that?
the world sure could use these guys!
i sure do love them....

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t2 said...

this reminds me of something I wrote in my daughter's 21st bday scrapbook......"Love is not stingy or greedy. It's not enough for me to love you and have you love me anymore. I want to share you with the world." Whew. Some bittersweet stuff right there ;)