Wednesday, February 10, 2010

a gift from the heavens

he called to check in.
commented on all the snow outside.
'isn't it just gorgeous?!' i asked him.

he laughed.
'i knew you were gonna say that!' he said.
'ter, it's one helluva mess!'

are you serious???

and i laughed.

how did we ever team up???
i thought it was a gift from heaven.

i went out for a few hours this morning.
tried not to do any shovelin' and just let
the guys do it....but i couldn't stand it
and finally joined in.
it felt so good!

zakk told me i'd be warmer if i didn't go
wanderin' waist deep into the snow.

i was arguin' his logic when yo stepped
in and said 'zakk, i don't think mom can
do anything without getting fully into it.'

i took that as a huge compliment!

i saved the knee deep stuff for when we were
all done with the 'chores' and then i went
wading around in my back yard.


i have not walked in snow this deep since
i was a kid!

i fell over by accident a couple of times,
fell over on purpose a couple of times,
pretended i was in a blizzard in the wild
and crawled to safety, pulling myself up
by a tree i had crawled to....
laughed like a goon, and lay down smack in
it all to thank the universe for this gift
all around me. i talked to myself out loud.
pretended i was on the prairie taking care
of the homestead, talked in a prairie farmer
kinda voice as i dumped the recycling into
another bin and stood on some snow that made
me so high i could touch my roof. knocked
icicles down off my roof yelling 'take that!'
and laughed all over again.

when bob asked me what i had done outside
i just said 'oh, you know...'
and laughed.

he laughed back.
cause he kinda knew.

it's not a helluva a mess.
it's a gift from the heavens......
and i'm so glad we've got it.

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