Wednesday, February 10, 2010

thru the darn roof

they were headin' out again to go do another
round of shovelin'.

ohhhhhh i just finished a ton of caffeine.
i would need a few pee breaks before i was
headn' out. i felt like a little kid.

ohhhhhhh. now? do you have to go now???
will you go out later with me, huh?
i want to go out later. will you go out later
with me?? i wanted to go out when it got
all windy and whited out.

they promised.

out they went.

i went back to work.
bob called. asked how i was. told him i was
waiting for the 'white out conditions' so
i could go take a walk in that.

YOU'RE NUTS! he bellowed over the phone.

don't you want to experience what white out
conditions are like???

YOU'RE NUTS! he bellowed again.

i went back to work smilin'.
yeah, maybe a little.
but it's a fun nuts.

workin' away when it hit me.
those guys won't want to go out again once
they come in.

i better get out there.

i ran around.
grabbed my snow pants.
felt like i was five all over again.
boots on.
where's my mittens???
ohhhhh they're gonna come back.

i got all set and looked up.
they were rounding the corner to
the door.

oh no!
i scooted out the door and slammed
it behind me.


they laughed.
they were just puttin the shovels back.
they were up for a walk.

yo laughed and imitated me.
'had a little caffeine, mom??'

yeah, just a bit.
but really? it's this snow that's making
me so darn happy.

it wasn't exactly white out conditions but
it would have to do. there was some wind.

and off we went.

we got up to the corner and i sat on a clump
of snow and just let the wind whip thru my hair.

'you experiencing it?' zakk asked.

'oh yeah.
feel that.
doesn't it just feel like it's cleaning your

zakk grinned. he's a sport.
eventually we headed back....

what a glorious glorious glorious day.
it was a ten on a scale to ten.
the happiness went thru the roof today.

thru the darn roof.

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