Sunday, March 7, 2010

an event

so i squirmed.

a lot of this event made me uncomfortable.

i sat with my sons trying to stay present
and respectful.

at one point i was trying to stifle a yawn,
and a noise came out.

i put my hand to my mouth, leaned over to
yo's ear and asked 'did i just make a noise??'

he grinned and whispered back...'you just
couldn't stay quiet, could you?'

and i have to admit, a large part of me
wanted to scream.

when the guys and i piled back into the car,
i was pleased to see that it had even made
zakk a little crazy and he was actually venting
in the car. my non-verbal son turned verbal.

when i asked him what he thought, he blurted
out answers that made my eyes get wide.

i sat back and grinned as he vented.

and the thing that made me smile the most....
all my sons caught the women's issues goin' on
in that service. they all caught how skewed it
had been. the inequality goin' on there.

ah....i thought.

they can see this stuff.
i don't need to point it out.
they see it, and they cringe.

i am raising men the world needs.

and suddenly i was so glad we had sat thru this

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