Saturday, March 6, 2010

sacred moments

i was coming out of the little kitchen area.
back out to the main area.
and she walked up to me and asked 'are you terri?'

i smiled and said yeah.

and she just looked at me straight in the eyes
and said 'you saved my life.'

my eyes got big and she told me her name.

i gasped and gave her a big hug.

she had come thru my email box awhile ago.
had found my art at this gallery we were standing
in now, had liked it.
i sent her a few things.
but we hadn't communicated in ages.

and there she was. looking at me with those
intense eyes of hers.

and then she said she had made something for me
and gave me the most beautiful necklace.

'it's a flawed pearl' she told me. and explained
that she thought the symbolism was perfect.

i held it and looked.......the pearl was sitting
at the bottom of metal that she had shaped.

'it's a tear drop' i said as i looked.

the pearl was sitting in the outline of a metal
tear drop.

it's gorgeous.

i ran off to the bathroom to go look in the mirror
and put it on.

and then i found her again to really thank her
and show her how pretty it looked.

i showed everyone i talked to.
'look. look what someone made me!'
and i felt so lucky all nite.

we all know without me saying....
i didn't save this woman's life.
i know that.
you know that.
and she knows that.

she saved her life.

but my work touched her somehow.

and when i had sent her some things, i remember
she had wanted to give back.

so there's logic to it, it's not as earth moving
as it sounded......

but in a way, it was.

because someone i had never met before walked up to
me and told me i mattered.

and meant it.

and i tell ya, there is something about eye contact
that can just totally let souls touch.

when she looked at me, i felt like our souls did
exactly that. they touched.

when i got home last nite, and was headin' into the
shower, i took off my necklace. i held it and looked
at it. i thought of her. of what she had done for me.

i didn't know where to put it. i didn't want to just
flop it down somewhere. i hung it on the knob of my
medicine cabinet. and it's funny, but i did it with
such care, that you woulda thought it was sacred.

i smiled.

so, okay, maybe it is.

moments like that make me fall to my knees in gratitude.
i am filled with that this morning...


AkasaWolfSong said...

It is sacred...

Those blessed moments of connection...the eyes are the windows of the soul.

How perfectly beautiful this giving to one another we keep that energy of love flowing harmoniously and joyously...

And I know just how this woman feels as when I wrote to you the very first time I felt like you had saved me too!

Now I'm crying again...
Ahhh life is so awesome and I am so grateful to be a part of this large circle of women!

Pamela Jones said...

Dancing for joy right along with you, ms.'s our connection to one another that saves each of us in subtle ways and in profound ones. In the end, as you say, we don't really save another's life; but maybe we offer a reminder that her life is worth living. Yes, YOU MATTER! What a lovely symbol you have to remind you!

Merry ME said...

Loving how you love others.
Loving how others love you.
Loving our connections.