Thursday, March 18, 2010

warm tears

so i was laughing and had a really goofy stupid
story from my walk i was gonna post...
but before i could get here, i got a call from
someone i love so much.

her dad's dying. and it's been long and slow
and agonizing.

he's taking a turn for the worse and they all
dangle on and keep on goin'.

i could feel the tears runnin' down my cheeks
as i listened to her. it's cold in my studio.
no heat right now. i was sitting here chilled
and felt the tears. i noticed they were warm.

i let their warmth soothe me a little as i
tried to soothe her.

i just wrote someone this morning that i'm
trying to remember everyone's okay right where
they are.

and i think of my friend.
it doesn't feel all that okay.
it sure doesn't feel okay.

but mixed in it all is this deep love i have
for her.

i sit back amazed one more time that in the dark,
it's the love between people that is what we
can hang on to.

sometimes it's all we've got.

the love between people.

never take that for granted.


Merry ME said...

This post is like a prayer.
What else can I say, except Amen.

AkasaWolfSong said...

It is like a prayer Merry...and as I sit in the quietness of the powerful words I must breathe Amen too...

Pamela Jones said...

True empathy is crying another person's tears.

Amen and Amen.

Merry ME said...

I can never say it quiet as elegantly as the Rabbi from whom I first heard this Jewish saying. It goes something like, Joy shared is doubled and sorrow shared is halved. Your tears take a load of your friends' shoulders. Bless you.