Monday, April 19, 2010

daily quote

oh my.
some crazy stuff in my life came up.
i've been huffin' all around the house.
i've been laughing thru the huffing...
but there's been some big time huffing.

i just came in from throwing some stuff
in the trash can. medicinal throwing things
in the trash. always feels better.

huffed out to the trash can...
huffed back in and sat down at my computer.

there were a couple of comments on our
quote of the day that we send out.

i wrote them. i don't pay much attention
to them.
but because of the comments, i stopped
long enough to take it in......

and my whole being just relaxed.

'to find peace in the darkness
and holiness in it all -
this i wish for you.'

hmmmmmmm.......i needed that today.
go figure.

1 comment:

t2 said...

Ter, could ya stop the huffin please? I'm hyperventilating over here :)