Monday, April 19, 2010

split pea soup

walking, thinking of split pea soup.
i'm making some today.
josh and i were in the grocery store together when
i reached for the bag of dried peas.
he groaned and told me the story of how he first
heard of split pea soup.

apparently when he was little it was in one of the
story books we read. i got psyched about it and decided
to make some. according to josh, i psyched him up too
and he thought it was gonna be this wonderful thing...
and then he tasted it.....and he still remembers his

i laughed.
promised not to give him any and we continued shopping.
he had his cart, gettin' his own food...i had mine.

was odd and fun at the same time.

we stood in the produce section. i was telling him
something that was bothering me. he was tellin' me
what he thought. he stopped, looked around and said 'hey
look at us! we're like two old ladies in the produce
section! just gabbin' away.'

he always makes me laugh.

we talked serious, we goofed,we talked menus and food
and life and feelings.

we got home and he cooked food for himself to take home,
i cooked food for everyone that nite. his brothers
landed in the kitchen and everyone caught up with each
others days. josh headed home, we all headed off to
our things.

today i'll be finishing that split pea soup.
i'll be rememberin' my three little boys who would
gather round and listen to story books.

life keeps growin' and changin' and twistin' and turnin'.

i read this morning about embracing the passage of time.

there's a concept.

it all goes so fast, that's for sure.

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