Sunday, April 18, 2010

just laughing.....

after a few family days....all is quiet here.
everyone's gone doin' their own thing and i'm
catchin' up on work.

something that feels real good is the alone
time feels just as good as the family time.

i'm packin' orders and thinking about last nite
and laughing.

we were all gathered in my living room. bob
was sitting next to me and we were going thru
all the vids on josh's ipod.

josh makes random vids wherever he goes.
for example....he was working on his car one
day and i guess he had the iron he just bought
still in the car.

random vid on how it wasn't just any ol' iron...
it was a man iron.

he's got a tie tied around his head for a headband,
he interrupts himself to listen to how great the
car sounds in the background (he has it running to
test something) and leaps into his terminator voice
impressing on you the fact that the iron is a man's

there's another one where he and his brothers want
to figure out just what exactly happens when you
whack an orange with a baseball bat. noah cameras,
zakk pitches, josh is the batter. splat.....he hits
the orange and the camera pans to zakk wiping orange
gunk outta his hair.

he's got a bunch of these on his phone.
he's a born entertainer and sometimes it just oozes
out of him.

as we flip thru, we find one he made about bob.
we're all at the table talking and the camera
zooms in on bob. you can hear josh's voice say
something like 'and this is a bob. we found this
fine specimen in the wilds about five years ago.
he seems to have adapted nicely....'
and on and on he goes as the vid runs on bob
talkin' to josh's brothers at the table.

as if this all isn't fun enough, bob decides he
must erase this vid.

the moment this realization hits me, i push him
over on the couch.

this isn't a namby pamby push....this is a
SAVE THE VIDEO push! i push him down. and hop
on his back and scream. both knees are in his
back and i'm waving my arms and screaming.

his face is shoved into the cushions and he's
laughing and goin' for the ipod to erase the vid.

josh leaps into action. he runs over to yank the
ipod out of bob's hand. he's yanking and yanking
and then we realize....ohmygosh.....don't yank on
his arm! (he's still recovering from shoulder surgery)

bob realizes this to and changes hands to hold the

even one armed he's way way stronger than me.
i wrestle a bit, give up and just cover his eyes.
kneeling on his back i stick my fingers in his eyes
trying to cover them....all the while screaming
hysterically and dramatically.

josh is running from one arm to the next, bob is
laughing, and i'm holdin' my fingers tight over his
eyes so he can't see the delete button and push it.

noah is workin on his bike in the living room.
he's quietly cleaning it and watching us with this
amused look on his face. calm as ever.

zakk is bemoaning the fact that he's not getting THIS
on video...

finally.....finally......josh gets the ipod.
bob lands on the floor and i kneel on the couch

and a little apologetic for pokin' his eyes out.

there's good natured laughing and then we all go
back to talking.

it's just one little blip in the rhythm of family.

as i pack orders today and think of this i just smile
and laugh.......

i hope we still do this when we're eighty.
could be something josh will really have to vid.....


Pot Luck Herbs said...

LOL Yay! How fun!!!

Camille Olivia ~ said...

what a fun story! i was gigglin' the whole time i read. could just see you...hollerin' and carrying on like a crazy person. oh, how i love your family stories!